“I remain undeterred in my mission to protect your taxpayer dollars.” Beth Wood

Beth Wood seeks 4th term as State Auditor

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Beth Wood Bio and Achievements

Beth Wood is a long-time public servant with over 30 years of auditing experience.  The first woman elected to that office, Beth has served as State Auditor since 2009. She previously worked in the State Auditor’s Office for more than a decade and also served in the State Treasurer’s Office.  Prior to state government, Beth worked with Rayovac Corporation, as a CPA with McGladrey & Pullen and was the CFO for a North Carolina-based furniture company. 

During her prior time in the State Auditor’s Office, Beth was instrumental in bringing the state’s compliance supplements up to federal standards and ensuring that federal grants are being used as intended. She was a leader in redesigning the Auditor’s Office training program to make training more relevant to state auditors’ work. And she helped develop employee evaluations that better reflected the job performance of Auditor’s Office employees.

She taught a variety of professional courses for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (NCACPA). Beth has taught CPAs across the state and the nation how to audit governmental organizations, including the concept of risk-based auditing. She served on the AICPA Steering Committee for its annual Government and Not for Profit Conference.

Like most natives of rural North Carolina, Beth's first "job" consisted of helping on the family farm located  near Cove City in Craven City. After graduating from community college, Beth went to work as a dental hygienist, but after a few years decided she wanted to complete a four-year college degree and enter the world of finance.

She put herself through East Carolina University, graduating with a degree in accounting. She completed rigorous testing to become a Certified Public Accountant in 1987.


Professional Achievements

Accomplishments with a direct impact on the spending of taxpayer dollars:

  • Identified numerous poor contracting practices, revealing hundreds of millions of dollars of waste over the last decade.
  • Revealed that, for inmate healthcare services provided by local hospitals, NC has been paying almost 5 times more for those services than Medicare or Medicaid would have paid for the same services.
  • Discovered that since 1997, the State of North Carolina had been paying for inmate medical care that should be covered by Medicaid. The audit saved the State millions of dollars annually.
  • Revealed the revamping of the State’s Medicaid computer system had not been managed properly or efficiently, costing the State millions of taxpayer dollars.
  • Revealed the State’s permitting processes do not include complete and accurate data making the tracking of permit processing impossible.
  • Revealed that the State is spending 6-10 million dollars a year conducting employee evaluations that are not adequately performed.

Administrative accomplishments within the office of the State Auditor:

  • Removed the politics from the Office of the State Auditor’s work.
  • Has kept her promise to provide audits and investigations with irrefutable findings
  • Appeared before General Assembly with audit results for cases needing legislative action - this is the first time the Auditor’s Office has done so routinely.
  • Performed follow-ups on previously performed audits to make sure agency remedies were in place and working. Reported findings to the General Assembly.
  • Set training as a priority for State Auditor staff.
  • Improved accountability of audits performed by staff.
  • Led the redesigning of the Auditor’s Office training program to make training more relevant to state and auditors’ work.
  • Helped develop employee evaluations that better reflected the job performance of Auditor’s Office employees.
  • Taught North Carolina not-for-profits fiscal management for state grants.

My Mission

A Note from North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood:

Growing up on the farm in Craven County, I had daily chores from an early age and my parents taught me the value of hard work. I became a dental assistant and worked my way through college at ECU to earn my accounting degree. I have worked as a Certified Public Accountant for 30 years, and for the past 22 years I have worked in the State Auditor’s office, including my three terms as North Carolina State Auditor. I work every day to protect all of our tax dollars.

As State Auditor, I have:

  • Identified hundreds of millions of dollars in wasteful spending
  • Maintained objectivity and independence in the Auditor’s office
  • Produced audits with irrefutable findings
  • Aggressively presented audit reports for legislative action
  • Followed up on previous audits to ensure corrective actions are taken
  • Continued to identify abusive and wasteful spending of your taxpayer dollars

I remain undeterred in my mission to protect taxpayers every step of the way. From start to finish, I vow to safeguard how your tax dollars are spent.

State Auditor Beth Wood

News and Upcoming Appearances

As we get closer to the election, you can expect to see more and more information in this section. Beth regularly travels the state of North Carolina to connect with voters and hear their concerns. She will likely be making a stop in your town in the coming months, or at least a town near you. If you have something you’d like to discuss with Beth or simply want to show your support for the exemplary work she’s been doing watching over your taxpayer dollars, make sure to come out and see her during one of her many campaign events.

Beth Wood: “Undeterred”

Under her leadership, the NC State Auditor’s office has uncovered hundreds of millions of dollars in wasteful spending.

Beth Wood appears on TWC News' “Capital Tonight"

Beth appears with her opponent to discuss her qualifications and her impressive record of exposing waste and fraud in North Carolina state government spending. View on TWCnews.com. Advance to 8:07 in the program to begin.

Beth appears on GPAT23 “Meet the Candidates”

Beth Wood is interviewed about her numerous accomplishments during her past two terms and why she considers her work as NC State Auditor unfinished.

Qualified, Proven, Undeterred.

Featured Endorsement

Raleigh News & Observer, Two-term incumbent State Auditor Beth Wood, a Democrat,won the office in 2008, and has done a sound job as auditor, closely monitoring state agencies and on occasion ruffling feathers of Republicans and Democrats alike when her office has turned up instances of mismanagement. Wood’s experience in the office is valuable and she has done the job and deserves the chance to continue doing so.

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2020 Endorsements

  • News and Observer
  • NC Police Benevolent Association
  • NCAE
  • NC Sierra Club
  • Black Political Caucus of Charlotte - Mecklenburg
  • Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People
  • Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association
  • The People’s Alliance
  • Emily’s List
  • Lillian’s List
  • NC NOW
  • US Marine Brigadier General George Walls-Former Chief Deputy of Office of State Auditor

Previous Endorsements

The following organizations, publications and individuals have lent their enthusiastic support for Beth Wood during the past election cycles.

  • Asheville Citizen-Times
  • Black Political Caucus of Charlotte-Mecklenburg
  • Charlotte Observer
  • Elizabeth City Daily Advance
  • Emily's List
  • Greensboro News & Record
  • Greenville Daily Reflector
  • Independent Weekly
  • Lillian's List
  • NC Certified Public Accountants PAC
  • North Carolina AFL-CIO
  • North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE)
  • North Carolina Firefighters and EMTs
  • North Carolina National Organization for Women
  • North Carolina Police Benevolent Association
  • People's Alliance
  • Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association (RWCA)
  • The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People
  • The North Carolina Police Benevolent Association
  • The Southern Pines Pilot
  • Winston-Salem Journal

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