A Thank You from Beth Wood

To all of my supporters and friends:

I want to send each of you my heartfelt thanks for the terrific support you have provided me during the past year as I ran for re-election for State Auditor. This was certainly an unusual year including the election of a complete Republican government in the General Assembly and for Governor. The truly amazing thing was the strength of the Council of State officials being re-elected down ballot from the Governor’s race which was overwhelming won by McCrory.

I and other Council of State members could not have won without your dedication and hard work for our campaigns that tend to get less press and excitement. We have to depend on the front line troops to remind everyone of the importance of our departments and that leadership of those departments is important. In my case it was important that voters understand that qualifications matter as well.

I promise to uphold the high standards we have set in the Auditor’s office and to personally carry out my duties knowing the trust the public has placed with me. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Beth Wood, CPA
North Carolina State Auditor

RECENT NEWS: Beth Wood Stands Up to ALE Director

The last thing North Carolina needs is an auditor who’s afraid of controversy. That’s why we’re happy that State Auditor Beth Wood is not backing down from a scathing audit report her department filed regarding the Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement.

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